Message from the CEO

While the war in Ukraine continues, and the spotlight is on the fighting and hostilities, we continue to be focused on helping the people of Ukraine, and the Ukrainian economy as best we can. Interpipe employs more than 10,000 brave men and women who continue to work and produce the highest quality pipe in the world.
While the war shifted the focus from all the other advances, we have made in the past three years - I can honestly say that we are a different company today compared to where we were a few years ago. The war is making us stronger and better, as amazing and unexpected as it sounds.
One area that continues to be the focus point is the Semi Premium and Premium connections. A few years ago, we introduced a new line of connections – the INTREPID SERIES. Over the past few years many oil and gas companies in the US and around the world used millions of feet of our products and the feedback is excellent. We continue the R&D program to make sure we are moving forward with the times, and the demand and expectation from our customers. We enhanced our technical team in Houston to assist our partners.
Our service dept. in Houston is always on call and we are ready to pick up the phone 24/7. Just in case the input is needed.
We are grateful to the White House, the Secretary of Commerce and their teams. They granted our Ukraine products an exemption from Section 232 for a full additional year. This recent announcement will enable us to continue and service our customers, providing stability and predictability to our partners who stood by us for more than 20 years.
We continue to face some challenges - transportation of pipe from Black Sea for example. We were however able to overcome this issue by using ports in Romania. As a result – we have never missed a shipment of pipe to the US.
2022 was a record year for North American Interpipe. We increased our team in Houston to accommodate the needs of our customers. We are now stronger than before and look forward to continuing to service our customers and partners.
I want to thank the customers and partners who stood by us. Kept trusting us and our products. We will continue this relationship with you.
Daniel Valk
CEO at North American Interpipe